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Presidents Message

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Welcome to a New Year of Marching Band

As members of the Dublin Music Boosters Board, it is a pleasure to welcome you to our organization for the 2022-23 school year. For over 60 years, Dublin Music Boosters have been supporting music education in all schools and music programs in the Dublin City School District. In fact, we are the only District wide booster organization. The success of the music programs could not be accomplished without great leadership from the many Music Directors working with your children. This instruction starts at the Elementary school level, increases at the Middle Schools and is magnified in High School. Because of the involvement of the Music Boosters, the Directors are able to focus on music education.

This is where we rely on the parents of our students to assist us in supporting the music education programs. Just as your students have 500 new high school friends, you are now part of an organization of almost 900 parents within the School District, all working toward a common goal of educating our children and seeing them succeed. There are many opportunities for you to get to know your new friends, by working side-by-side with them in the various activities as we support the Directors. These include bus chaperones, drivers for the Fund Drive, making brownies for a Band Spread, working in the concession stand, and helping with uniforms.

We have put together a program that allows you to help in many ways. We are calling this the 3-2-1 Volunteer Program. If each parent would contribute their time for a total of 6 events each year, we believe all of our needs would be covered. We ask each parent to work in the concession stand for 3 events each fall, volunteer for 2 other Fall events (Fund Drive, uniform issue, bus chaperone, special event help), and then in the Spring volunteer for 1 event. For the 1 Spring event, you can select either from the concession stand, uniform turn- in, special event, bus chaperone, or other opportunity. Hence the 3-2-1 program. When your school has sign-up opportunities, please remember 3-2-1 as you go through the line. We have great Committee Chairs who need to focus on administering their programs without having to worry about getting volunteers to help out.

Thank you for all your work. Once you see your child out on the field marching, you will know that your time and effort is contributing to the success of the music education programs in the Dublin City Schools.


Kris Hickey – President  
David Magan - VP Coffman Jeremy Bradstreet – Director of Bands – Coffman
Jenni Lane Williams – VP Jerome Michah Abrams – Director of Bands – Jerome
Tehani Mesa – VP Scioto Andy Doherty – Director of Bands – Scioto


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Supporting vocal and instrumental music education for elementary, middle and high school students of the Dublin City Schools.