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Bus Chaperones Duties and Responsibilities

Chaperone’s Responsibilities:

1.The bus chaperones coordinator will assign you to a bus and send an email out to that week’s chaperones as to what buses they are assigned to and what time to report. Note: A chaperone may not ride the same bus as his/her children.

2.Be at the high school ten (10) minutes before your scheduled time, and check in with the chaperones coordinator.

3.Locate the bus that you are assigned to, and introduce yourself to the bus driver. Find out if there are any special rules for your bus.

4.There should be two (2) chaperones on each bus along with a staff member.

5.There needs to be a chaperone in the back of the bus, the middle of the bus and in the front of the

6.Every chaperone must make a head count before the bus leaves the school, and the count must match the count of the other chaperones on the bus.

7.The chaperones are responsible for keeping general control of the students to and from events and must enforce any special requirements of the bus driver.

8.When arriving at the event, keep all students on the bus until released by Mr. Gray or the Field Commander. The only exception to this is the pit and color guard, who may leave to unload the trucks as soon as we arrive at the event.

9.Once students have been released from the bus they become the responsibility of Mr. Gray and the other directors. Go and enjoy the game/show.

10.After the game/show, return to your bus as quickly as possible. Count the students as they get back on the bus. Your number must match the number you had when you left the school. Report any shortages to the chaperones coordinator, who will then report to Mr. Gray.

11.Ride back to the school with the students.

12.When we return to the school, remind the students to remove all belongings and trash from the bus. Inspect the bus. Students are responsible for cleaning up any messes left on their bus. (If there is a problem, report it to Mr. Gray.)

Student behavior:

1. Students are to ride two to a seat and on their class bus. An upperclassman may ride down (ex: senior to the junior bus) but an underclassman may not ride up (exception to this might come if the class size is too large to fit on one bus) Upperclassmen may only ride down if there is room on that bus and only after the students of that class are all on.

2. Seating is boys with boys and girls with girls. Couples must receive permission from Mr. Gray to sit together. Couples may hold hands. No other PDA will be permitted. They may not lay on each other or be under blankets together.


These rules and duties have been reviewed and approved by Mr. Gray

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