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The Dublin Music Boosters (DMB) raises funds to support the music programs at all 19 schools in the Dublin schools district. Support includes new and repaired instruments, music, equipment (such as the new sound system) and much more. The DMB is under contract to the Dublin Schools district office to provide athletic event concessions at all three (3) high schools (Coffman, Jerome and Scioto) in both fall and spring each school year. Only a few athletic groups provide their own concessions support, such as Girls & Boys Soccer.

Concessions is the DMB’s largest source of annual income, so it takes many adult music parent volunteers (choirs, orchestras, concert and marching bands) at each high school to cover volunteer slots and ensure concession events runs smoothly. At Dublin Scioto High School, the DMB presently covers concessions for: Freshman, JV and Varsity football, Girls Field Hockey, Girls & Boys JV and Varsity Lacrosse, and Girls & Boys Varsity Track. (This may change annually dependent on whether or not a group obtains approval from district office to run their own concessions.)

There are fall and spring concessions, the busiest of which are the five home football games. There are occasionally additional events added each year, such as the fall DFL end of season tournaments or a track meet in the spring. There were over 120 volunteer spots for Scioto fall concessions alone.

A cleanup and inventory of the stands occurs a few weeks before the first fall or spring event. This also occurs within a week after the final event of each season. The fall season runs from August into November. The spring season runs from March into May.

Concessions Leadership Status

Since there are many moving parts to the concessions program, the leadership spends time recruiting volunteers, ordering and stocking product, training, banking deposits/supplying the bank for opening the stands, and getting the stands ready to open before each event. Up until now, the leadership structure included one (1) chairperson, one (1) treasurer, and (1) inventory manager. Each person’s schedule needed to be flexible enough to cover the concession stands each week. This grew challenging in case of illness, family emergency or scheduling conflicts.

To create a collaborative team environment, provide cross-training, and create scheduling flexibility, we have developed a new leadership structure for running Scioto concessions. Current team members either have graduating seniors or will have seniors next year. Therefore, we are now recruiting for the new concessions positions that are listed on the next page. Freshman and sophomore parents are ideal for these roles, but anyone with a flexible schedule is more than welcome to join the team.

New Concessions Leadership Structure

Starting with Spring, 2014 concessions, a five (5) person team will run concessions for the Scioto DMB. The team will consist of the following roles & responsibilities that report into the DMB Vice President-Scioto:

1. Volunteer Coordinator – Draft schedule of events and number of volunteers needed; Work with Scioto DMB Volunteer Coordinator to setup Signup Genius and keep it updated (at least 2 signups are needed 6 weeks before the start of each season – fall, spring); Ensure slots are filled; Send correspondence seeking volunteers; Notify Athletic Office the volunteers’ names several days before each event; Troubleshoot problems.
2. Training Coordinator – Train all concessions volunteers on how to set up, run & clean equipment; Train any booster groups who will be running their own concessions.
3. Inventory Coordinator – Order product for each concessions event; Talk to vendors about pricing; Put delivered product away; Shop at GFS or Sam’s Club for some supplies; Manage ordering and payment of hot food vendors such as Chic Filet and Romeos Pizza; Ensure soda lines are blown out after each season (fall or spring) concludes; Manage sell-by dates.
4. Treasurer – Pass a Dublin Schools-administered background check; Have accounting or similar background managing money; Pay concessions bills; Obtain bank to open each concessions event; Count and record revenue; Deposit money at end of each event; Provide a monthly report to the DMB Treasurer.
5. Floater – Pass a Dublin Schools-administered background check; Issue and ensure return of keys before and after fall and spring seasons. (Keys are given to DMB concessions staff or early setup volunteers as well as any booster group running their own concessions); Assist the Treasurer and the Volunteer, Training & Inventory Coordinators as needed throughout each season.

Each team member will work with and shadow current concessions leadership to ensure adequate transition training. Written procedures will be provided for each role as well. Team members will coordinate with other team members to ensure adequate coverage for each event. The 5-person team structure should make it easier to cover events by providing maximum flexibility in the event someone should need to switch events with another member.

I Would Love to Help. How Do I Get Involved?

Please contact Lisa McClellan at with your name, phone # and email address listing which of the 5 opportunities you would like to run next year. Once all five (5) positions have been filled (by mid-late February), we will have a meet & greet to answer questions, introduce you to concessions leadership, and begin the training process. We heard loud and clear this year that more training was needed in order to ensure success in these roles. Therefore, we wish to begin as early as possible.

Thank you to all music parents in advance for your willingness to step up and help us remain successful at running concessions at Dublin Scioto High School.

Lisa McClellan
DMB Vice President-Scioto

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